God’s Song and Karen’s Song

This song is by Kevin, one of the authors of Mind’s Seat. Kevin is sick and I just want to surprise him by posting this video. This song makes me smile and I hope posting it will make Kevin smile. I don’t know when was the last time he has seen this video but I believe this was published on youtube 2 years ago. Please watch this video. I know it can make you smile as well since the tune of the song is really familiar to almost everybody. This showcases Kevin’s creativity and love for music.


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  1. Aw, thanks, Marmar. This was really sweet.

  2. Marmar, I am very moved by your beautiful act of love. I just got back from yet another ER visit. Paramedics had to give me Ventolin and oxygen. The ER doctor had to give me Atrovent and advair. The great news is that the advair helped my breathing and reduced my mast cell attack. I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow. I’ll be asking for an immediate referral to the complex care unit at Bridgepoint Health Care Centre in Toronto.

    I will be asking for home oxygen. Please pray that God will break through the strong walls of bureaucracy that are of the Enemy, that stop people from getting all the medical and vocational supports they need.

    There is a long road of recovery ahead, but God is with Karen and I on that road. Your touching act of caring moved me so much I was moved by the Holy Spirit to repost my music audition on Linkedin, asking someone out there to help me get a series of music CDS produced for the purpose of poverty alleviation.

    Pray that God brings His medical team to improve my health, so the Enemy will not win. God will win because the Enemy is already a defeated foe.

    One person in the world living in poverty of hope, body and opportunity is one too many.

    Let none of us stop the war on the Enemy, who wants people to live in poverty of mind, body and spirit.

    I will fight against the darkness with Christ’s light with my last breath.

    God bless our readers, you and all the co-authors!


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