Monthly Archives: April 2014

I am here


Father, I pray that all war on this earth would end

That we would all live in peace and harmony

We have to stop this killing of the soul

To know that only in loving You can we truly be made whole


I turn the TV on and the stories are all the same

Of hatred and indifference, of poverty and pain

I see the crying mothers holding dying babies in their arms

Children searching through a garbage dump for rotting food

Teenagers selling their bodies to survive

The growing sea of hopelessness and despair

People in the hell of their addictions believing no one cares

The abused who ask as they cry out in their agony, Please, won’t anyone love me?


Lord, what can we do when so many are suffering? Then, He speaks to my heart to say this word to you, that you can be there for all those who are dying a little more each day, for all who search for hope and a meaning to their life.

People of the earth, hear me as I say to you, the problems are many, the solutions seem so few. But this one thing all of you can do. Love everybody as I always love you. The critics will say it’s too simple, that the problems of this world are too complex. That’s when I want you to look them in the eye and say, “We can always give everyone a gift that never needs repaid. It’s the gift of love that can be in every heart, that gives each struggling soul a brand new start.”

There can be a brand new hope that lives in the hearts of those who cannot cope, who cannot see the light in their darkness and despair, who feel that no one cares. When they say to you where is love answer them this way; it is in my heart who cares and will never go away, who says I’ll be that strong arm as long as you need me. That’s the call of love that will set us all free.

The love of God is for the rich and for the poor, for all who can’t find their way to Christ the door. For in opening that door you will get a gift no amount of money on this earth can buy; it’s the gift of love that comes from Father Adonai.

So brothers and sisters, this is my prayer for you, that when a hurting soul comes to you and says, “There is no love in this world for me, you will say the three words all the suffering long to hear. I AM HERE. I AM HERE.