Words Matter

Hello, everyone! The link below is my article that got published on the newspaper yesterday. Feel free to read it because it is about all of YOU!





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  1. Wonderful! I too cherish all of followers, and treasure the relationships that have blossomed through insightful comments! I am so grateful for the blogging community! Great piece!

  2. Mayra, way to go! Kevin does the God dance. You’ll have to watch Evan Almighty to see how this is done. Your thoughts and prayers lift my spirit as I live each day. You have this beautiful gift of lifting all who are willing to be taught by you, to a more positive way of thinking about themselves.

    God is going to do amazing things with your life! I would seriously considering taking your posts and make them into a book that you could sell online. I would be glad to write an endorsement that you could put in your book.

    Let us all encourage Mayra in her blogging. She reminds me with her positivity at such a young age of a rare diamond. Let us reach out to Mayra offering her our prayers and unflinching support as she shines for her Lord in the darkness of people’s lives.

    I think this quote from Rev. Dr. Peter Marshall is most appropriate in describing how Mayra shines like a diamond.

    “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”


    Mayra, keep shining for your Lord!


  3. Exactly. I have been inspired over and over again by those people who not only follow my blog, but have their own blogs. The things they write about touch my heart in ways they would never know, unless it tell them. Your post today encourages me all the more to keep blogging away, knowing that the words which are written will speak to someone, even if I never know who. You keep on trucking, sister, and watch your blessings multiply.

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