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What is your J – Factor?

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Kevin’s inspiration minute: This is a new blog series I have been inspired to start. Let me know the issues or thoughts you would like me to write about. My challenge will be to put together an inspirational  piece about that you can read in one minute.   If I choose your idea, with your permission I will mention your name.  I will say the idea for this piece comes from ……..

Tell your kids and teenagers this is their opportunity to have me write about topics that will inspire others in their day, including them. There are so many inspirational pieces for adults, but I don’t see many for youth. Kids, if I use your idea I will say your name and the school and/or church you go to.

Ideas for submissions can come from a program you saw on TV, a key thought from a sermon or devotional message, anecdote, a prayer you read or wrote, a story about someone doing something inspirational in your community, business, church or school, an article you read, a story you wrote, a thought that came to you about life, a humorous inspirational joke, a movie you saw, an inspirational quote etc.  All I ask that whatever you share has an inspiring message.

There is far too much emphasis in the media on bad news.  While it is important to keep informed, we all need to hear far more about the things that inspire us and put some much-needed joy back into our lives.

This is an opportunity for children and adults also to send me their pictures if you want as file I can upload. Then, the world will get an opportunity to see you.

My email address is osborne2029@gmail.com

Write a one paragraph blurb about yourself. I will edit content for length, so please keep it short. The blurb will be featured under your picture.

Welcome to Kevin’s inspirational minute. I hope it gives you the needed lift to your busy day.

What is your J – Factor?

We’re all familiar with the show X-Factor. There is a far more important factor that that. It is the J- factor. It is the joy that we can have as we realize our purpose. What is it in your life that gives you your joy factor? Are you having challenges that are robbing you of your J factor? Is your business struggling?  Are you having friction with a colleague, family member or friend? Are you stressed out? Are you battling a disease that is robbing you of your zest for living? In those times think of what gives you your joy factor. Give yourself permission to be a child again. Your life and the lives of others you touch with your joy will be richer, as you re-awaken that child, who so much needs to laugh again.

Have a beautiful day as you re-discover the child within you!