Sometimes we wonder what good has happened to us.
Sometimes we ponder on what good has happened to others.
And many a time we fail to see that all’s been done for us.
Many a time we fail to know that all was offered.

Sometimes we see only the shadow in the gray.
Sometimes we hear only the drumming of the rain.
And many a time we see no gold streak in the gray.
Many a time we see no ointment for the pain.

Thank you for every reason, every day.

Thank you for every reason, every day.

Sometimes we forget every season that we live
Sometimes we forget every reason why we live
And many a time, I think of every reason, every life.
Many a time, to sit and thank Him for the day.


About sallysuccess

Of Cameroonian nationality, holder of a B.Sc. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea. Reading and writing, positive talking and excellence are pleasures. Believes everyone can positively impact the world, even from a small corner of the globe. Strives to be a blessing to someone, somehow, somewhere. A lover of Christ; Bishop of my soul. As prized as you are, I'll let you decide "about me".

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  1. What a beautiful tapestry of love for your Lord! This poem lifts my spirit to my Father and reminds me to be thankful for His love. it also makes me reflect on the many prayers and loving support for Karen and I.

    May the Lord pour out the river of His richest and most glorious blessings to you and all whom you know and meet.

    Keep up the awesome writing!

    I thank.God for you!

    May you feel a renewed hope as we draw near to Easter.

    Perhaps, you could mail me a recording of the Easter service at your church. That would be an awesome blessing to receive as i battle my bronchitis, which is getting worse.

    God is in control.

    Hallelujah! Christ has won the victory for us on the Cross.

    Thank you for the beautiful and uplifting prayer you wrote. I cried tears of joy when reading it.

    God bless you today and always!


  2. In Christ even that which is dark becomes full of light. He works all things together for our good.

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