Is It Lawful To Treat Yourself?

keep calmEcclesiastes 2:10 All that my eyes desired I did not refuse them. I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure, for my heart was pleased because of all my labor and this was my reward for all my labor.

It feels right to reward ourselves for all the work we’ve done. We say we deserve a little treat after earning from our labor. We would buy ourselves new clothes, eat food we want, watch a movie, spend a little for ourselves, and buy stuff we want.
It might make us feel better but at the end of the day we realize satisfaction is just momentary. And so we work again and desire to earn more and reward ourselves with greater pleasure but yet again at the end of the day the result is the same.
We’re chasing after the wind and ironically we keep the cycle going like it’s all we know and the only way to live.

Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.

Solomon can attest that we could never satisfy ourselves. David testifies that only the Lord can satisfy all our heart’s emptiness.
Stop wasting money on your vanities. Use your money to glorify God.


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  1. Thanks and God bless you for following us at Godshotspot.wordpress. It is absolutely right to treat yourself by resting like God did on the 7th day, sleeping properly, eating healthy foods, and because God said love others as you love yourself so one cannot love if one does not love yourself. The Bible is a priceless great treasure of love because God is LOVE. So when found one sells and forsakes all other insignificant things to invest in Christ’s eternal business of LOVE, mercy, compassion, forgiveness. Christ paid the price with His Life Blood so love & treat yourself well for freely as God LOVE US.

  2. Marmar, God bless you for being open with your thoughts about a subject that affects many people. Part of this idea that I deserve to treat myself is the ruination of many lives. in those who take it to an obsessive extreme there is often a root of they feel their life is so unfair. The pain over the what might have beens of people’s lives can cause them to seek to numb that inner sadness by spending much more than their budget can afford. Shopping creates a temporary state of euphoria until the reality of the mounting bills comes in or credit cards that are maxed out.

    There are media psychologists who help companies design ads and commercials that will have something in them that triggers a consumer to want to purchase an item, that usually is not even needed. You have a TV. If you want to have your buddies come over and watch a sports event, you just have to have a big screen TV. You also need to have a satellite package with 500 or more channels, because after a hard day at work, you deserve to relax and unwind as you go through all the different kinds of programs you can watch. No one I know has either the time or interest in scanning through over 500 channels.

    Then, this game is played on our minds that if you want to climb the corporate ladder, when you invite your boss and colleagues into your home, you have to have the latest technology available to impress them.

    There are commercials that imply that if you don’t wear the latest fashions, have a car with a DVD player and direction finder in it, you are behind the times and should be socially ostracised.

    Thank you for reminding all of us of the slippery slope we go down both individually and as a society when we carry this idea of feeling we deserve material things. I think the key thought here is moderation is what we purchase.

    The next time any of us are in a store we should ask ourselves this question. Do I really need this item? If the answer is no, why don’t we instead take that money and give it to either an individual God lays upon our heart to help or donate it to a community project improving people’s lives. That’s the kind of giving our Lord would be pleased with.

    Here’s a thought for all of us to pray about and ponder. If you gave even $1.00 a day from your budget, that would be $365 a year you could give to those in need. if you committed to do this with say even 10 employees or 10 church or community members, that would be $300 a month going to those in need. In a year that would be $3, 650. Those funds could be directed into community improvement projects such as helping to keep a community centre or food bank open.

    Think of how many lives could be improved if 10 people from your church or community committed to give $1.00 a day for the whole year to community outreach projects. That would be $365 per person times ten people, which would be a continuous stream of $300 a month and $3,650 a year.

    Now, if 100 people in your community committed to $1.00 a day that would mean $36,500 a year for community outreach projects. That could help keep community support projects open such as a food bank, community centre, emergency shelter,women’s abuse centre, group home or home for the developmentally challenged,

    if your church or community group committed to $2.00 a day from giving up your coffee and donut for a year, it could also be put towards giving bursaries or scholarships to promising university students in need.

    These are just a few ideas of how giving up something small could help so many people. Perhaps, we should consider that what we give up, we get back so much more in changing the lives of others.


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