Daily Archives: April 22, 2014

Pray for our soldiers

Pray for our soldiers who go into harm’s way

Take time to think of them today

As we celebrate Christ the Resurrection and the Life

Think of that husband far from his wife

Think of that wife far from her husband

In your time of joy pause and for a soldier do pray

They are the protectors of the freedom we hold dear

The freedom that comes for some soldiers at the cost of their life

We pray for you in the loneliness you feel far from home

Far from the sights and sounds so familiar to you

Oceans apart from family and friends

Dealing with the culture shock of being in another country

Longing for home

Feeling like a stranger in a foreign land

Having to be always on alert for an attack of enemy fire

For those of us who have had relatives serve as soldiers

We know the sacrifice you make

We feel the pain when you are away from us

It is our hope and prayer that one day there would be no more war

No more of sending you into harm’s way

No more need for you to be away from the families you love

No longer would you see your buddy die next to you

That those who are disabled would get all the help they need

That thoughts would change towards those with PTSD

Soldier, it’s okay to cry when you feel burdens on your heart

I had a grandfather who lied about his age to enter W. W.1

At age 17 he signed up for service is the Canadian Expeditionary Force, infantry division, P.F.C. Sanford Dobson

One moment he was talking to his buddy

But his buddy did not reply

One moment alive

The next moment he was dead

My grandfather was exposed to mustard gas

Every morning for the rest of his life he coughed from developing emphysema

I saw him at the age of five  barely able to breathe

I saw the sweat drip down his face

I lost my grandfather that night to his third heart attack

From that day on I have sought wherever I can

To thank a soldier

To shake their hand

Let us all take time to pray for our soldiers

To offer a prayer of our love

Father, watch over them I pray

Be their hope and with them always

Tell their hearts in ways I never could

You will always have time to hear a soldier’s prayer