Daily Archives: May 3, 2014


heart of GodAny true relationship cannot work if the vessels of connection are not same. A perfect relationship with that of our maker is when our hearts connect. One cannot connect with someone’s heart via the pocket and expect it to last, because if that pocket runs dry, the connection would be severed. Likewise, the brain cannot keep you attached in a relationship for ever, because as surely as you would live, man’s wisdom is but foolishness before God.
The only true vessel to connect with the heart of the father is via our heart. “For God so loved”. He so loved with his heart; a selfless heart on which when we focus, we will do things differently what the ways other do them. Focusing on the father’s heart brings you to the truth of his passion and love, and makes you unusually committed to his course. In response, we become the true worshippers that the Father expects of us.
In john 3 v 16, the Father’s heart which is full with love, bonds our hearts to His, and binds us eternally with the Father. God’s love is from his heart, unlike that of men which is from gifts and several others strings. The heart of the Father is entirely focused on you. His heart is so much in love with you, and so focused on who you are (whether good or bad, clean or dirty, with your strengths and weaknesses). He is interested in what you must become according to His plans for you and not according to your own plans or the plans of men. His ambition, objective and number one priority is YOU. There is no denomination or religion in his heart.
When your heart is not totally yielded to the father, all kinds of worries, anxieties and fears creep in. At such times, you fret and ask for things that he has already given them to you, whereas his word tells us that he knows what we need even before we ask them of Him.
Child of God, if only you knew how deep the father’s love for you is; you will stop battling for his approval through religion because the Holy Spirit cannot be caged in religion; you will stop worrying; you will forgive everyone that has hurt you no matter how bad the hurt is; and you will live without fears, unconditionally, trusting that the Father is deeply in love with you.