Look Up

Hey bloggers! I apologize for the lack of blogging. I had trouble finding something nice to share. Hopefully this video will make you all think twice and connect with those who surround you. I have nothing against being glued to your devices. However, don’t you think it would be nice to look up from your phones every once in awhile? I hope you all enjoy this creative video! 🙂

About M(A)Y RAy of Sunshine

Hi everyone, my name is Mayra! As you can probably tell from my blog posts, I have always enjoyed spreading some positivity- even to this day! My biggest wish has been to inspire others because engaging with people while helping them is extremely rewarding to me. Along with writing motivational posts, I also plan on giving advice. I welcome everyone to come to me for anything because I truly care about YOU!

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  1. I’ve seen this yesterday and actually thought about posting it here in Mind’s Seat. I love the poetry.

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    This seems to be the general consensus lately.

  3. This seems to be happening lately, according to a recent article I read. People are walking away from social media for a spell. When I started my twitter account some years ago, I told myself; Mike, you must be of the mindset of walking away from this at any time.

    • That’s really good that you realize how unproductive a phone can be! I can’t say I’m not guilty, but there are times when I am reopening apps for no reason at all and thinking, “I really need to do something productive with my day.”

      • It actually rang today. If you forget your ring tone, you stop in your tracks; “wait a minute, what’s that?”
        And…would you believe it? That’s right, wrong number.
        I order Chinese food and sext on something that cost more than my laptop.

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    This video is a must watch, seriously.

  5. Hi Mayra

    This video and your thoughts concerning it make me think a lot about how I need to have more of those times I disconnect from all communications technology. Internet addiction is a growing problem in our society. The computer age was supposed to save us all kinds of time. It was heralded as the utopia of the future of the three day work week and plenty of time to spend in leisure with friends and family. The fantasy and the reality are two different things. The growing societal obsession with technology has added more stress to people’s lives.

    Karen and I don’t have a cell phone. We know we are viewed by some people as living in the dinosaur age, because we have no cell phone. Before cell phones people carried around pagers. Everywhere people went they were taking their pagers with them. A friend of mine who was working as a counsellor in youth corrections threw his pager out the window of a school. He was tired of always being paged. He didn’t get a break.

    Karen and I get really irritated when we are out for a meal only to have someone’s cell phone go off. I have been in church and heard people’s cell phones ringing.

    While I share the belief that social media can be a way of engaging with others, it is so easy for any one of us to fall into the trap of overdoing it. Balance is so important in all areas of our lives.

    We can be so connected that we run the serious risk of being disconnected from all the people who bring value and meaning to our lives.

    We have become a society that spends much of its time through impersonal communication through social media. All of us need to think more about looking up and spending valuable face to face time with those we care about.

    Thanks for your your inspiring thoughts.


  6. Just blogged about this same video! Definitely an important one to share thank you 🙂

  7. Just blogged about this same video! Definitely an important one to share, thank you!

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