Daily Archives: May 12, 2014

What Do I Do?

What do I do?
I am a painter.
The sky is my canvas;
I’ve painted the trees
And palaces of amber,
The sun and a dove
That descends from the heavens
Upon my heart of art.
I am a singer.
My voice lifts, rises,
Same as that dove,
But this one is of song and sadness,
Sometimes joy,
Always beautiful things.
I am a musician.
The strings of a violin
Quiver at my touch.
I can make the room shake
With the note of a hum,
The hum of me, and music,
I am a writer.
I am the words, the voice
Of reason, or folly, or scandal
Or love, or God.
A scribe who makes history
Into stories.
I am a dancer.
I step into light, into wind;
Sometimes I am like the wind.
Beauty is me, I make beauty
That one can see.
I am a seamstress, a carpenter,
A teacher of knowledge.
I am a playwright, a storyteller,
The best furniture seller.
I research, I nurture,
I make love come to life.
And this is my gift,
The gift He gave me.

By Catherine Joy

What’s the gift God gave you? Don’t forget about it. Don’t forget about what you love and what you’re passionate about. Recall it to mind. Write it down. Pursue it. Believe in it.