Daily Archives: June 1, 2014

God cries with you through your tough times


Lord, when tough circumstances come

When we feel we are going two steps forward, three steps back

When the hits just keep coming and never stop

For those fighting to keep their heads above water and drowning

Those beset by changes in their life that stall their dreams

Seem to thwart their plans

Illness strikes and does not wane, but gets worse, much worse

The blue skies turn grey

You don’t know what you will face tomorrow

You have been given a diagnosis that you can’t absorb

The spouse who loved you for many years dies far too young

Your teenager is caught in a downward spiral of addiction

You’ve lost your job

You’re working three jobs to pay your student loans

Your husband or wife loses their job

The bank sends a letter of foreclosure on your home

Your medical costs keep rising because your government won’t cover all the medications and treatments you need

An online support group you got involved in begins to disband as life comes crashing down around some of your members

You feel this crushing weight that won’t go away

You pray, read your Bible and pray until you are all prayed out

You have run dry, empty, feeling strength ebb away

When you look at the sun you only see the clouds looming overhead

The doctor has told you that your loved one is going to die

When all these rough circumstances come

When you can’t even voice a prayer because you’ve become worn down

What do you do about it?

How do you change your focus?

How do you focus on your blessings ?

How do you rise above your situation?

I don’t have all the answers

None of us who are really truthful about it do

I could tell you things will get better

Have faith



And all these things are important to do when the hits of life keep coming

But what I am learning is something that isn’t easy for me to do as I have battled ongoing illness since the fall of last year

As I have been in and out of the ER like a revolving door

I am learning to say, “Kevin, it’s okay to cry

It’s okay to admit you need help

It’s okay to break down

To say please help me, oh God!

I need You!

Please hear the cries of your hurting child”

My Lord says to my spirit, “Cast every care on Me

Don’t hold it in

Don’t keep it inside

It’s okay Kevin to fall into Karen’s arms and cry

Child, when you are too strong, too self-sufficient it becomes harder to reach you

Harder for you to hear My voice”

I have all of you where you are for a reason

It’s My plan and I don’t expect you to understand

Just, please don’t give up

Don’t give the Enemy a foothold into you

Believe beyond your darkness of today there is a brighter tomorrow

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

Reach out and grab My hand

I’ll see you through the storm



Don’t give up on Me

I never give up on you

Scream at Me if you need to!

It’s okay

I can take it

Don’t believe what you’ve been taught

That you need to have a quiet voice

Shout out your anger!


Shake your fist at Me

All I ask is that you not leave Me

Don’t go down the path that leads to your destruction

Just be honest about all that you feel

My Son was open and direct with Me

He told me in his humanity He didn’t want to die

But He also knew it was part of His mission on earth

To die that all of you could have life

So you would know the joy of the Lord

The joy of the Lord that is your strength in adversity

So when bad circumstances come and never seem to end

You will have the firm anchor of My Son’s love

Knowing your loving Father cries with you