Daily Archives: June 8, 2014


Faith’s Passion

by Susan Irene Fox

Yeshua, you’re my only One,

Your heart is whose I crave.

I want to know you more each day,

I am your humble slave.


I study everything you say,

It’s you for whom I yearn.

Your words have meaning, depth, import,

It’s those I care to learn.


As Spirit plants his fruitfulness

To which I aspire,

I press close into knowing you;

You light my heart’s desire.


Your love awakens love in me.

For more of you I long;

To share the grace you offer up

And sing your mercy’s song.


Each day my fervor grows for you,

This fascinating thirst

That only you can quench until

In your love I’m immersed.


This ardor causes open hands;

My doing it is not.

The generosity is yours,

Yet it is what I’ve sought.


My cup does overflow with grace,

Your promises assured.

You never fail to lift me up,

Of that I’ve seen and heard.


Yet it’s never in the seeing

My faith’s passion holds.

It’s in the felt invisible

Your love I do behold.