Free Yourself

Hey, bloggers! I just came across this amazing video today and I wanted to share it with all of you. It is definitely worth the watch!

Click Here

Nobody should ever fear what they have in store for the world. Simply pursuing what you strongly believe in is what makes you so unique. Don’t ever change who you are because someone tells you to not act a certain way. Embrace your desire and watch how it can lead to a long, happy path in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this little message that comes straight from my heart! 🙂


About M(A)Y RAy of Sunshine

Hi everyone, my name is Mayra! As you can probably tell from my blog posts, I have always enjoyed spreading some positivity- even to this day! My biggest wish has been to inspire others because engaging with people while helping them is extremely rewarding to me. Along with writing motivational posts, I also plan on giving advice. I welcome everyone to come to me for anything because I truly care about YOU!

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  1. Thanks for sharing – raises a number of difficult issues. But what is not in doubt is our call to accept and love all people, whatever they and whoever they are

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