Monthly Archives: June 2014


My Prince

You saw my sin, my back was turned

I lived inside the dark

I’d fallen so far off the path

I could not disembark.


I searched for exits, any signs

That I might turn and flee

I did not recognize my Prince

Who came to set me free.


You whispered and I heard your voice

Yet still I sought in vain

But when I felt you touch my heart

It’s there I knew you’d reign.


My Lord, The Lamb you did become

You rose and conquered death

And with your everlasting love

You gave me daily breath.


You swept me off my feet with love

You wiped away my tears

You lifted up my eyes to yours

And vanquished all my fears.


Your Spirit now abides inside

I’ve died to sin; what’s more

Your grace and mercy empty me

Then fills this reservoir.


Your love pours in, it overflows

My heart is opened wide

I am a living sacrifice

From you I cannot hide.


With you I soar on eagle’s wings

Without, in doubt descend;

I walk, I stumble, fall and yet

You raise me up again.