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Recently I wrote a post about the annulment of a fifteen year friendship and my heart’s desire to speak words that build into the life of the person, even though I could have done the opposite based on the intricacies of what happened. I believe in my heart that God was working on me, using this issue and I can safely say he still is. As I got home from work today and got into the word of God, I was directed to the ultimate love chapter in the bible; 1 Corinthians 13. The characteristics of love expressed in this chapter is rather intriguing. What makes it more mind-bugging is the fact that “Christians” don’t love like this. I may be blast for saying this but through much observations, even in my life, I am left to say that we do not love as God has mandated us to love. True love is very deep and goes very deep. A perfect example of true love is Jesus. Though we betrayed him and slayed him, he looked beyond it all and died for our sins, saying on the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

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As I reflected on my response to the friendship issue, I began to ask God, “Did I do the right thing according to your word? Did I operate in love?” I do believe love is wise and will not allow itself to be abused but I was still interested to know. Not in the aim of being right by the person but being right by God. My desire to know is not meant to draw me back to the individual because of course, once bitten, twice shy but I long for knowledge, to resist resenting or the building up of hate in my heart. In my humble opinion, where the bible states love is long-suffering and endures all, I don’t believe it endorses staying in an abusive or hurtful setting but rather even if you walk away, do not walk away with hate in your heart but allow Gods love to flow through you, conquering all. That’s love at its deepest. Love does not always entails one on one contact but you can love through praying for the individual/s or even seed sowing into a ministry that hurt you. As I encourage myself to love like Jesus did, I encourage you to do the same. Maybe you were severely scarred by someone you trusted and you find it hard to forgive. This would be a good time to look at your hurt record to the Lord, in sinning daily and pay attention to his response to you. Since we are called to be Christlike, it would only be right to do to others, as he did and continues to do, to you. Again, I say, this is not a call to be foolish and allow yourself to be abused and stay in hurtful environments but it is a call to love the ones who was not so nice to us.

I chose to start loving the right way today. Do you?


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I went through a similar situation recently. I had a huge argument with someone I loved deeply and considered to be my closest friend for 20 years.
    Hurtful words were exchanged, accusations made and as a result, there was suddenly a great deal of mistrust on both sides and it ended badly.
    I have been feeling guilty and beating myself up for the way I reacted and for the things I said. But after a great deal of prayer, I’ve come to the realization that everything happens for a reason. God is in control and I strongly believe that He closed that door for a reason.
    Throughout our arguing, God revealed to me certain characteristics about my friend that I didn’t know about before. Talk about a wake-up call!
    Sometimes no matter how much we care about someone, we need to face facts that maybe they’re causing us more harm than good. While I was hurt by how they treated me and what they said, I take responsibility for the things I said as well and I’ve asked for forgiveness.
    I’ve also forgiven them for what they did to me and given the situation to God.
    That’s all we can do.
    In the future, when I’m hurt I now know to immediately pray about it rather than allowing anger to fester and hurting those close to me.
    I have started praying for them as well and speaking blessings over their life.
    This was a very difficult place to get to, but I’m happy I finally arrived here. I feel a sense of peace.

  2. This is a courageous piece, courageous because you lay your hurt before us open, real, risking being hurt in sharing your heart. I pray all reading your soul-touching piece will be gentle, loving and so deeply prayerful in their response.

    I too have lost not one but many friendships because of simply speaking God’s Truth about all the injustice and the politics I was seeing in Christians, who should be exercising that deep agape love, that forgiving love, that soul-deep love you mention with clarity, depth and conviction. I stood up against the hypocrisy and the double-mindedness, the pseudo Christianity I saw in so many in leadership over me. I said Christians should be real, open and honest. We are all sinners. We all fall short of the glory of God.

    I know so many times my own love was weakened because of the wounding I carried in my own heart and am still healing from of all the leaders who should have supported me as I spoke against the injustice I saw in the way we as fellow believers were treating each other. My leaders abandoned me when they should have been supporting me, when they should have spoke up against the politics around them, the watering down of the gospel message to placate their ministry board.

    I still pray for those who were in leadership over me. I know they will answer to God for their cowardice. I am called to forgive them and love them any way, because at the heart of them they are caring people, who I think are in burnout and need to be supported, to be loved.

    Unforgiveness is more toxic than a bite from a cobra. The poison it spreads into our soul is used by the Enemy to poison all the lives of those we love and interact with. Only Christ the Great Physician can remove that toxic poison.

    I reach out to you with the healing love of Christ as you recover from the annulment of that long-term friendship. Keep praying for your friend. Perhaps, God will speak to that friend about coming to you and confessing the horrible way you were treated. No friendship is beyond mending when a spirit of reconciling differences exists with both friends.

    I need to remember the joyous times I had with these pastors, the songs of praise and worship we sang together, the sharing of our hearts and our struggles. There is much good in all of them.

    Does that wounding still hurt? Yes, it does. But take heart and be encouraged that your piece has moved me further along in my healing as you remind me to love those who pastored me and pray for them to see God’s Truth and fight for it.



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