Daily Archives: August 3, 2014

This Love

by Susan Irene Fox

You calm me and restore my soul.

You fill my heart with

brilliant, fuschia clouds and

glittering trees wet with dew

waving to me in the morning breeze.

The morning melody of mourning doves, wren and robins

provide cherished accompaniment to my sacred time with you.


You surround me with serenity in a world of overwhelming violence and despair.

If you were not with me, I would be crushed by the weight.


You lift me up on wings of an eagle.

You walk with me, and I don’t tire.

You carry me when life seems

too much to bear.


You formed me here

in this time

in this place

to be your vessel

for this work.


You love me with a depth and breadth I don’t understand.

I fall open to your love and grace.

Because of

this love

I see you

in tortured faces of the bereaved

in a soaring hawk

in elegantly arrayed blossoms

in the tear of a child wanting a hug.


Because of

this love

I can love and forgive

family, a friend, an enemy

not with my love, but your love


Because of

this love

I can love you

commit to you

believe in you.


This love, this belief is not explainable

by theories or theologies

nor is it disproved by reason or logic.

Such things are for those who

love the sound of their own voices.


This love I have for you

will not be denied. It is

sweet and reckless

aching and joyful.

It grows each day

with anchored roots deep in my soul.


Now, I see you in my own eyes reflected back at me.

This love you have for me.