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Christians fleeing mortar attacks in Iraq. (Pic: BBC)

Christians fleeing mortar attacks in Iraq. (Pic: BBC)

It’s all smiles here in the house,

We can dance and play the mouse,

We can wear the crown, the blouse.

It’s all bleeding in their hearts,

They can’t live or sleep on mats,

The bullets burn, they pierce like darts.

You may be living, wondering how happy you are and how free you are to be grateful to God Almighty for your life. Somehow, someone, somewhere, at some time does not have that luxury.

Go to places like Iraq, and you’ll understand what it feels like to be left but with your clothes on; your car, phone, in short, all property seized, because you say you are a CHRISTIAN.

It becomes even frightening when our brothers over there (Mosul) are given the ultimatum to either leave their hometown, because they are Christians, or face death, if they choose to stay. The most plausible alternative they are given – Stay in your hometown, and renounce Christianity.

That’s just Iraq, there is Nigeria with the rising Islamic insurgency, there is the Central Africa Republic, and there is Sudan, Mali, Syria, and many many many other places on this earth, where Christians are being persecuted for their faith in Christ – worthy of note is that THEY STAND STRONG THROUGH THE STORM.

The Bible says in Matthew 5 V 10, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of God. In verse 11 and 12, it says “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you … for great is your reward in heaven”.

We are the BODY OF CHRIST, whether in Cameroon, Iraq, Canada, USA, Nigeria, Togo, CAR, wherever, and as we all are members of that body, so are we RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WELFARE OF THE BODY. If your leg or eye hurts, would your brain not think of what it needs to soothe the pain, or would your hand not give your mouth medication for the pain?

We may think we can’t do much, but “detrompons-nous”, we sure can, just a minute, everyday to say

“Heavenly Father, we bless You for your children who are being persecuted for your name’s sake. We pray that You strengthen and encourage them to face the rising turmoil, because they need you now more than ever. Let Your all-encompassing love be ever felt around them, in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen”.

They need us, they need our prayers.