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Daily Digest – Don’t Loose The Blueprint

I had to share this with all within my reach

Arise Woman

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on WordPress consecutively. My posts have been sporadically and my faithful readers I’m sure you may have been wondering why. I’ll say like a song I recently heard, “Life happens while you are busy making plans”.My attention was glued to so many things, all to which had to do with ministry, that I forgot God gave me a mandate to share with his people frequently via blogging. I was so excited for the new projects that I placed his original plan to the side and though I was praying, didn’t stop for a while to think that by doing so I was ” offending” God. So what did he do? Put the other things on pause. Initially I didn’t see it that way until last night. You can only imagine the guilt and shame I felt before the Lord. His forgiveness was…

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