Daily Archives: August 21, 2014

Grace of Christ come alive in me

The Grace of God

Lord, sanctify our pain

Let the love of Christ be our soul’s refrain

Cleanse all that is dirty in us and make us whole

Breathe Your life into each weary soul

Draw us to Your stillness with all the noise around

See You in every sight,  in every sound

Give us the words to tell our salvation story

When Christ came alive in us, when we felt His glory

The Christ of grace who didst count the cost

Who died that all would not be lost

When life’s stresses our soul doth assail

Let Your peace in us prevail

When hit by stinging arrows from those who love us dearly

 Let forgiving waters flow in us clearly

Oh, let the grace of Christ be in you, be in me

Help us stumbling sinners Your way to see

Let the healing balm of Gethsemane flow

Knowing to You our hurting hearts can go

For the questioning and those living in fear

Draw them to Your loving spirit near

Take our wounded hearts and heal the pain deep inside

That in You we would feel Your peace abide

Give us hearts that burn with Your grace

That the abused, alone, addicted and agonized, we would embrace

All our life let this our heart song be

Grace of Christ, You are alive in me