Daily Archives: August 24, 2014

Lost in Resting

by Susan Irene Fox

early evening, lost in nesting, i pause to rest taking in my small abode

the whirrrr of a fan

scent of newly purchased honeysuckle bushes

photos packed away in storage finally hung upon the walls

long, refreshing gulp of Pyramid Apricot Ale.


the Holy Spirit has taken up residence sprinkled peace and calm

throughout every room as though it was holy water

a gentle, afternoon breeze dances through the apartment

purifying cleansing enriching transporting solitude

voices of neighbors Filipino music rustling of falling leaves


nestled in my overstuffed chair beer in hand feet on ottoman

i watch as branches bow in the fluttering wind in homage

to a promise filled to a new inhabitant of #6205

one they know instinctively who appreciates their creation

their Creator their beauty and wisdom their unrevealed secrets.


i in turn raise a glass to them thank the One who created us both

we connect the three of us nature God and i in a circle of kinship

of celebration of thanksgiving of knowing our place in God’s universe

from lost in nesting i become lost in resting in the peace and grace

and love of God’s promise and hope