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Daily Digest – Pick Up The Pieces and Move

Arise Woman

What do you do when you started off something with much enthusiasm and as you went along there was some fumbling and stumbling? Do you give up or will you get up, pick up the pieces and move forward? Today I charge you to PICK UP THE PIECES AND MOVE.

pick up the pieces

Last Saturday I started a seven-day fast and after day one, I knew all things would go well. The fast would be one of power and an awesome turnout. Even though I broke the fast a little after midday on Sunday, it didn’t deter my trend of thoughts. I was so sure that the rest of the week would not have turned out like that……….but what happened? Monday I broke the fast one hour before the end (which made no sense because it was just ONE MORE HOUR) and then came the big day on Tuesday, my birthday, which was…

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