Daily Archives: August 30, 2014

Just As I Am

Father, just as I am You hear my cry

You are my Father Adonai

Whenever I have a care

A burden with You to share

You hear me as I call out to You

You tell my searching spirit what is true

The things I need to hear that need to change

Those priorities in my life I need to rearrange

You show me the darkness inside

That Your holy light would in me abide 


You clean all the stain of sin

Shine the light of Your Truth within

That no matter how wretched I am

You take me just as I am

You remove all that is garbage within me

The destructive lies the Enemy told me

I ‘m not the failure my father told me I am 

I’m a child of the great I AM


You see the beauty in me 

The Love I call others to see

That they can come to You poor, wretched, blind

You’ll give them love for humankind

For the lonely and despairing

For those who think no one is caring


When I am tossed to and fro

Knowing not the way to go

When strength is low let my faith be high

Worship my beautiful Adonai


In my doubts and in my fear

Lead me to Your Spirit near

Give me the trust to cast on You my every care

My tears and sorrow

My hope for a brighter tomorrow


Just as I am You hear my prayer

Just as I am You’re always there

Just as I am You know all the faults in me

Just as I am You set my spirit free


I’ll love others You call me to love

Tell them of the Love that comes from above

That with Christ in their life

They have strength in times of strife

Let my whole life be spent serving You

Hearing the calls of the lonely, the lame, the sick, the blind

Telling them the power of being kind

Being that ONE who really does care

Taking time Your love to share


When my work for You is done

You’ll take me home to bright Heaven’s sun

Where there will be no more pain

Where worshipping You will be my soul’s refrain

Just as I am I’ll see You there

Just as I am eternal joy I’ll share


But while I be here let me love others each day

Give me the words I need to say

That will lead others to Your saving grace

That the Enemy cannot erase

Because forever I’ll be Your child

Because forever You take me as I am

Just as I am 

Just as I am

Just as I am

–Kevin James Osborne