Daily Archives: September 7, 2014

The Caterpillar

Grace Rejected

by Susan Irene Fox

Butterfly on leaf


A crawling caterpillar found

A verdant leaf to perch

O long had he endured travails

In this intended search.


Upon this bed in weariness

He left all cares behind

And nestled into hopes of all

The peace that he would find.


His thoughts would not surrender, though

As restlessly he slept;

Restraints of caterpillardom

Did leave him quite bereft.


“Out of here!” he yelled and screamed

He could not move a hair;

He did not want this change at all

He cried out in despair.


The waiting overwhelmed his soul

Its promise lost his trust;

His crawling ways had served him well

So cling to them he must.


He felt a metamorphosis,

A change he could not stop;

Then panic overtook his heart

And oh, a tear did drop.


Then suddenly he saw a crack

Of light begin to show

And air – o precious air arrived;

The crack began to grow.


As something foreign stirred inside

A wet and fragile thing

Appeared to loosen and unfurl;

This object was a wing.


Another yet uncurled itself

Prismatic filigree;

Once dry, these lacy filaments

Guided him to safety.


His comfort back, on spindly legs

He walked without concern

Wings folded tightly down on back,

To fly he would not learn.


For though he was a butterfly

Most beautiful and free

A caterpillar he’s remained

With wings refused to see.