Daily Archives: October 11, 2014

Love’s Refrain

a man looking at the alcohol in the bottle

As I lifted my heart to my Father in prayer

I cried out, “Lord, I see less community spirit everywhere”

There is far too much occupation with self

For adding new DVDS to one’s bookshelf

I told Him of a man in church who prayed that when a thief would try to rob him of all he got

That he would  have protection from all that he worked hard for and bought

Where was the love of Christ, for who the world thinks is the worst of the lot?

I remembered the tears in family services I cried

When I saw Christians in who coldness of heart did abide

There was a man who lied to me to use his food voucher to buy booze

That day I cried out a prayer that my love for the suffering I would never lose

I prayed that my heart would never grow cold

For those who cheated me and caused me my love to withhold

It is in these times I would remember wise advice from my stepfather

It is better to be occasionally lied to and cheated than to be perpetually suspicious

I was angry about that man who cheated me

But, oh God forgive me, I did not take time to tell him about the Love that is free!

I had him blacklisted

But why was not my love enlisted?

Yes, he needed to face consequences for doing wrong

But I should have told him about the love of Christ without price

The Love that gave its greatest sacrifice

The Love that died for even the foulest thief

The Love that for the sinner has great grief

I should have told the man who conned me

Of the Love that could have set him free

Your Love should have been my soul’s refrain

I should have told him of Christ who for sinners was slain

That was far more important than keeping to the rule

Of saying no longer will I be the fool

Father, forgive me for that man I did not go down on my knees and pray

For not telling this hurting soul that You can turn his night into day

So that Your Love would be his forever soul’s refrain

That new life in You he would gain

Lord, I pray for all who serve those in need

That they would never grow cold inside

That in You their love they would never hide

If their heart has grown cold bring them back to when You first called their name

When new life did flow through them

That beautiful day when You turned their night into day

When for the worst sinner they did pray

Oh, Father, let them never be like I was with that alcoholic that day

Who I did not even take time for to pray

In sticking to what was right to do

In banning him from receiving further assistance

Where was Your Love in my heart?

Why did I not take time Your Love to him impart?

Oh, my Lord, to the liar, the addict, the thief

Let us tell them of Christ who can give their soul relief

Let Your Love be our soul’s refrain

Let Your Love flowing through us always be there

Help us to take time to lift the hurting up in prayer

If Christ could love the common thief

We should love the worst of them all

Love’s refrain should be our forever call