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Open Letter to My Wife – God’s Christmas Gift of Love

gift from God for you

Dear reader: I am writing this special message for my wife, Karen, and everyone. I ask for your prayers as our difficult journey continues. I will be undergoing more medical tests next year to discover the extent of damage my rare auto immune condition of systemic mastocytosis is causing. This will determine treatment options. Thank you for your prayers in this difficult journey of faith.

My darling, I thought this Christmas I had no gift to share
I got pneumonia somewhere
I looked among what I already own for the right gift to give
Thought I would share with you a gift that will have renewed joy in your heart live
There are some books I got that will help teach you the piano to play
That beautiful music would ring through our home both night and day

My love, I know life has been tough
Times my medical conditions have made our daily living rough
But this I pray you see
I will love you now into eternity
You are the sun in my day, the moon in my night
Next to God, you are the second joy in my sight

Darling, you and I know Christmas is not about things
It’s about the love in our heart that God brings
While there are critics who with me would disagree
Christmas is about the love that sets us free
It’s about showing our outstretched humanity
Of showing how we love the other
How we treat each person equally as our sister, our brother

Christmas is about loving those who many in society pass by
Of saying to them we will love you and never let that love die
I will not label or judge you
I’ll show you love that is true

There are the con artists out there
But we know the majority truly need our care
Who want to have a bed and warm clothes to wear
There are those who are like Ebeneezer Scrooge
who said to paraphrase, “Are there no work houses out there?
And the poor law, Is not that in place?
These bums take up such needed space
It would be better for them to die and end my irritation
Decrease the surplus population!”

The Lord has called me to share this Christmas message with you
It is God’s and His people’s love that will see us through
We get angry about the medications the government won’t provide
We wonder where in their heart love does abide
How for over 12 years they say no
To all the medications the specialists say I need so
That, my darling, I leave between them and God to justify why
Many people without their needed medications will get sicker or die

Darling, let us make the best of this day
Take time from all our to do lists to play
Let’s have a time of Christmas cheer
Pray God will bless us and everyone this new year
Let us thank the Lord for our family, our friends
Let us thank Him for His love that never ends