Daily Archives: December 11, 2014

The Gift

nativity Christ best gift of all

This Christmas season you can be a gift
Give time to give those lonely hearts a lift
Treat each person as your brother
Take time for that hurting other
See that through their pain they need so much love
They need the Love that comes from above
Christmas is not about the presents under the tree
It’s about time spent with friends and family
It’s about the gift of ourselves we can give
It’s about being willing to forgive
Christmas is about the greatest gift of all
Of He who was born in a manger stall
Love came in the form of a baby
Who prayed that all the path of love would see
Who walked through wind, scorching desert and rain
Teaching others to feel love’s sweet refrain
Christ healed the sick, lame and the blind
Showed how others the path of love could find
For such short years He lived upon this earth
Showed wounded lives how they could have a new birth
Taught them that their soul has great worth
He lived and died giving the best gift He could give
Said we must forgive our brother
Be a gift of love to one another
There are souls out there needing you
The gifts none to give or so few
Give them a gift that from your heart is true
Tell them, “I love you!”
Do of some of your blessings give
Show them that the gift of love in your heart does live
Your love is the greatest present you can ever give
It doesn’t cost one cent
It’s the gift from Heaven sent
The gift that lies in you, in me
Of our outstretched humanity
That in your heart, in a prayer
For you I’ll always be there
I’ll give the gift of myself
That is far better than the DVDS on one’s bookshelf
More enduring than owning the latest Smart Phone
It’s the gift that is truly free
It’s the beauty that lies in you, in me
It’s about Love that came to us in a manger
Love for the stranger
That homeless man laying on cardboard
Who their next meal cannot afford
The gift of love to those living in abuse
Who feel they are of no use
That time you take to spend with a friend
Showing by your love the best of gifts God does send
Take time to share a coffee, your heart and a prayer
For those who see love nowhere
And as you do all these things
Think of the greatest gift of love God brings
In Christ who died to set us free
That His forever love we all would see