Dearly Beloved Keep the Spirit of Christmas Alive

Charles-Dickens honour Christmas in my heart

Almighty God, as we near Christmas help us to see the beauty in each person You bring into our lives. Give each of us a heart that loves those whom many in society deem unlovable. All of us are equal in Your eyes. All of us need love and that outstretched hand of caring that leads to hope, hope that is re-ignited, revived, renewed.

Father, there are many in this world who live in poverty. They work with dedication and unswerving commitment to release themselves from that crippling prison. They ask for help and none comes or not enough. They struggle to pay for the medications their government will not provide. They get sick and tired of the reasons they are denied the help they need to get well. Lord, help them to know that there are those who care, who hear their cries for help and will listen. There are still those in government working for all people who cannnot afford it to have their medications and treatments fully funded.

This is a time of giving. This is a time when we who have not forgotten the poor ask for minds that will come up with solutions to poverty. There are those who already have their ideas of how we can reduce poverty in our communities and throughout our world. Open all the doors to those who will listen and act on the ideas they have.

Bring a greater peace and joy into people’s lives. There is far too much darkness in this world. Lord, we call upon You to give us the strength to be lights shining Your hope into people’s lives that will not die.

Bring to justice all those who commit acts of violence and terrorism. Let them have no peace or rest. Convict them of how hatred and a seething bitterness has taken root like a cancer that is destroying their souls, damning them to an eternal hell far worse than the current one in which they live. You will hold them to account for every act that violates the dignity of those they harm, every death, every life they take with malice and vengeance.

Lord, when will these senseless acts stop? When will those who commit acts of terror see that murdering innocent children, teenagers and adults is no solution? Hate only breeds more hate. Teaching their children to hate only creates a venomous poison of hate.There needs to be envoys of peace who will say, “Let us sit down together and seek to work out the differences and the reasons there is no peace in the Middle East, Pakistan and throughout our world. Then, let us work out solutions so you all stop killing each other.”

Father, protect those soldiers who are going into harm’s way to find members of ISIS and destroy their ability to wage their war of unrelenting terror.

Help us all to see that each of us can do our part to build communities where NO ONE is left without the help they need to pull themselves out of their poverty. You gave us beautiful minds. Let us use them so that we can work together to propose solutions to the ever-growing poverty, which is eating away at people like the parasite of hope that it is.

Lord, show us how each of us can be ambassadors of hope by the way we live our lives not for ourselves but others. Speak to our hearts in only the way You can what You are calling us to do to help those in need whether it be in body, mind or spirit..

One person is poverty is one too many. One person denied the medications and treatments they need to improve their health and possibly work is one too many. One person with a disability who is denied the internship or education they need to escape poverty is one too many. One person with a physical or developmental disability who faces discrimination is one too many. One person who is lonely is one too many. One soul without hope is one too many. One person who thinks they are a failure because of their abuse is one too many. One person who is not given the help to free themselves of the chains of their addiction is one too many. One mentally ill person labelled falsely as being weak and unfit for work is one too many. One person denied the scholarship or bursary for university that could pull them out of their poverty is one too many.One mother praying for the greater mercy that her child die and not have an agonizing death from malnutrition is one too many. One homeless person with frost bite who dies in the bitter cold of winter is one too many.

In a cup of coffee and time shared, a prayer, a phone call, dropping groceries off to a person or family in need, that loving smile that says I will not go away, we give a gift of love that lives in each heart we touch not just for Christmas but in every day of their life.

Keep the spirit of Your love alive in us each day.



About osborne2029

I enjoy spending time with people just having a coffee or talking about life, philosophy, religion, politics or sharing a favorite joke or story. We learn from one another as we interact and share our joys, challenges and even our times of sadness. I enjoy reading, writing, singing and sharing in the blessing of community whether that is one on one or in groups. I'm married and am powned by two kitties named Sir William of Lounge a.k.a. Sir Lounge a Lot and Princess Catherine of Chaos a.k.a. Her Royal Highness Catherine of Englehart. I m in an M.A.-Ph.D program with St. James the Elder Theological Seminary to train to become a psychotherapist and priest. Let us pray for and reach out to each other with kindness, love and an embracing compassion. We can working together be servants with two open hands to those in need so that hate, indifference and inequality would lose and love will win. The peace and abounding joy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

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  1. If there was love instead of hate, this old world be so great. We can’t change the whole world but we can try to love those around us. Great message, thanks for writing it. I needed to hear that today.

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