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My New Year’s Prayer for You

prayer for the New Year

Lord, help us to value each day we live
Have the willingness to forgive
Hold those we love so dear
Pray for them each day of this new year

Take time to listen to those who are so filled with stress
Comfort them when their life is in a mess
Hold their hands in all they go through
Show the believer and unbeliever the love that is true

Let us work together to help the poor
Show them what we are here for
Give us open hands that reach out
Lifting them up in their times of doubt

We love You, oh God, with all of our heart
You are the great Thou art

In every hope, in every tear, show us that You’re always near
Let us take time to laugh and play
Let our inner child feel joy in each new day

Give us open hearts that listen and learn
Teach others that salvation you do not earn
It is a gift from You to all who say, “Here I am with all my sin
Clean me up and let Your awesome love dwell within.”

Lord, be with those who have been abused in thought, word and deed
Hear them as they cry out to You their every need

Give us eyes that see and hearts that hear the pain of those in addiction
Showing them healing love’s prescription

Show us how to offer more people jobs and an education
That will end their time of deprivation

This would be my prayer for the disabled
That all would see how they are differently abled
Let us work together on solutions to give them hope
Loving hearts that help them in tough times to cope

Give us courage to stand up for what is right
To put in sad and defeated hearts a new light
Give us caring hearts for the addicted and the prostitute
And for all those who are destitute

Let none of us think we are better than the worst of the lot
Knowing we all can fall prey to sin’s dark rot

Each breath we breathe comes from You
The food we eat comes from You
The place we live in comes from You
All the beauty in this world comes from You

Let us never tire in giving a helping hand to those in need
Because it is in giving we sow love’s forever seed

Father, help us see light in all the darkness that is all around
Knowing that in seeking You each day can love in our hearts abound
Only love will conquer hate
Only love will defeat those who wear hoods of black
Only love will give hope to those who lack

In each step we take, in all that we do
let each of us shine the love that is found in You

Bless all of you in this new year
May you all feel God’s comfort in times of doubt and fear
Knowing no matter what you face each day
You will be given strength as you pray

In reading God’s Word this would be my prayer
That you all would find strength and guidance in what is written there
I leave you all in God’s tender loving care
That you would find in each day your New Year’s prayer


Kevin Osborne, B.Th. with honours, D.D., D. Sc., Diplomate in Creative Ministry, is training to be a Christian psychotherapist through St. James the Elder Theological Seminary. He will be a Master of Divinity student at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. He will soon be opening a Christian counselling practice called New Hope Counselling with his wife, Karen, who is an M. Div. student at Trinity College. He is a member of The Word Guild, a Christian writer’s group in Canada. We are available to go where God sends us to do His will preaching, teaching, singing, giving marriage enrichment seminars or however needed. You can reach me at my email address osborne2029@gmail.com

Have a Son-filled life!