Take Not For Granted

I am back to blogging. Happy 2015 to my Mind Seats Family. Thank you for being my source of support when I felt empty. You may not know but you are appreciated much. God bless all of you.

Arise Woman

Bless the Lord your God

Its been months since I’ve last posted something and all this is due to going through some processes I did not quite anticipate. It came such as a shocker, that writing seemed almost impossible. My heart and mind was in total turmoil and God was questioned more than ever before. I even reached the point of telling him, “take me” because I had enough of this. But who was I to disrespect God in such a way? He gives and takes away and I am subjected to go through his processes meant to build me because he is God. Repentance is the one gift I was and am thankful for. It gave me access to him once again and reunited me with my gift of writing. Did things reveal itself? No. I am yet to get answers. Funny ain’t it? However, my soul now rest in peace as I wait…

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About awftt

A young woman with a burning desire to empower the lives of many, particularly women. Through my experiences, I have been motivated to give a helping hand to the not so strong. Woman on fire to go higher. Follow me on twitter @arisewoman_org LETS ARISE!!!

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