5 Lines You Don’t Want God To Say To You

1. You of little faith
God says this to the worrier, the coward, the doubtful, the unbelieving
Reference: Matthew 6:30, Matthew 8:26, Matthew 14:31, Matthew 16:8, Matthew 17:20, Luke 12:28

little faith

2. You gave Me nothing
God says this to the heartless, the unkind, the uncompassionate
Reference: Matthew 25:42


3. I will spit you out
God says this to the lukewarm, the hypocrite
Reference: Revelation 3:16


4. Depart from Me, I never knew you
God says this to the lawless, the evil doers
Reference: Matthew 7:23

depart from me

5. You belong to your father the devil
God says this to the liar, the accuser, the murderer
Reference: John 8:44

devil, father

These are the particular lines from the Bible that I fear to hear from God. I hope you’ll think about it too. What would be the line that you don’t want to hear from God? Think about it and act on it. If you have anything in mind you may drop it in the comment box.

PS- These lines were derived from the New American Standard Bible (NASB).


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  1. The biggie for me is that I hope that I do not get to Judgement and God looks at me with sorrow-filled eyes and says, “You did mostly good things in your life, but you did not do them for your fellow man, because it was the right thing to do or even because you wanted to please me. You did them because you feared Hell. And that means you did not keep my commandment to love.” I hope that in my heart of hearts my motivation for every thing I do is to be pleasing in his sight and then because it is right, but never because I fear Hell.

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