The Man Kevin Osborn

kevin osborne

This is Kevin Osborne. He is one among the 12 authors of Mind’s Seat. He is 52 years old right now and living in Canada with his wife Karen. He was the first to accept my invitation to write for Mind’s Seat and that was almost 2 years ago. He enthusiastically accepted the invitation because of his desire to impact the world with a positive outlook in life and with a passion to glorify the most satisfying being — God.

We never met but he is no stranger to me. In fact he is my trusted friend. I trust him more than I can trust myself. He loves God, loves people, and hates poverty.

Kevin is the man who has shown me by example that we can actually give even if it hurts our pocket. Last year during the Super-typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines my family suffered a house wreck while I was away and penniless. Then Christmas came and still I was penniless and unable to provide help for my mother and my siblings. But there was Kevin Osborne who like myself was financially in trouble and more than that he was and still is suffering from health trouble. To cut the story short Kevin and his wife Karen decided to send me 50 dollars that I might have something to give to my family; but upon learning that I will be giving a portion of it to a children’s Christmas party they sent me 55 dollars instead.

It was an act of generosity that created a ripple in me. Kevin therefore is another man who has inspired me to start Save More Church (God willing) — a church that knows compassion. Compassion — it has been done before. Jesus did it, the church in the book of Acts did, and Kevin did. I believe that if we all just learn to give then none would go hungry. That’s the kind of Christianity I want to see. That’s the kind of church that will turn this world upside down bearing the testimony of God, giving the world an accurate picture of a loving and merciful God.

Kevin is also a song writer and a singer. Here’s one of his songs:


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  1. He is a friend indeed!!!

  2. Great to find out a little more about you Kevin! And ……. you are the same age as me – how cool is that 🙂

  3. benevolent 🙂

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