My Work, My Ministry

Spark from afar

“You are super, it’s really our blessing to have you.” I would never forget this text message that I received from our chairman – and this is my favourite (so far) among all his sms.

I still clearly remember how our boss treated me on my first 2 weeks of job. He bombarded me with all his pressuring and humiliating emails that everybody can read. I knew it then that how he saw me wasn’t really me so I chose to remain and unleash my true identity. Little did I know that GOD was just preparing me for bigger things… and not long enough, his treatment started to shift.

There are times that we are just clueless on how to reach out our colleagues and even bosses. We may have an unending list of what to do’s but most of the times, still end up fruitless. BUT, are we really…

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I love bringing joy to people. I am refreshed as I refresh them.

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