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The STRONG Ones – are you one of them?

Spark from afar

Many people are amazed on how these “strong” people can do it. For me, one thing that I really learned is that everything just really depends on how we see things, really. Admittedly, I’ve wanted to peek what the future lies so I would be able to appreciate every detail of pain and get at least a little concrete assurance of the trail I’m travelling but then again, where would “faith” comes in?

Through many years of my Christian journey, I have come to understand that FAITH is the main flavour for me to savor every little chunk that comes to my plate. No matter what the taste would be – be it sweet, bitter, sour, tasteless– my FAITH would let me finish my meal.

Running around the unfamiliar roads is not simple, unquestionably not, but every time I see myself again hustling through the wilderness, I would always…

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