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Looking from the Lens of Forgiveness

Spark from afar

One of the most plausible substances of a believer is their power to forgive but not because they are superheroes but because they themselves have tasted the depth of His forgiveness. But if we lay it down on the table, forgiveness is so hard to spell. It talks about our rights, our pride, our values. It asks you to consider all perspectives. It calls you to weigh things. It is something you can’t demand to someone and on the same manner, they can’t demand from you. It involves the whole of you.

Asking for forgiveness is more than being sorry to your actions and more than admitting your fault. I say, it’s putting value to the person – to your relationship, to his/her feelings, to him/her as a person. We may have different perspective on the matter but we have to remember that emotions are valid and…

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