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I have been confided recently with 2 big and tough decisions. I was honestly surprised and found myself reading the mails over and over.  I really took time to reply and while pondering, praying and searching for the right words, one thing that really got me, aside from feeling how favored I am, is this: NO ONE IS INDISPENSABLE.

This reminds me that nothing in this world is permanent. We will always be surrounded with changes – it may be sudden or subtle, ready or not, the bottom line is, things change. Therefore we should steward well all the things GOD is giving us. This applies to our careers, riches or even personal lives and sometimes, even with relationships.

There are numerous hard truths in life and we got to face them squarely. What will anchor you through the different seasons? Your core values. Your faith. Your vision

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About sparkfromafar

I love bringing joy to people. I am refreshed as I refresh them.

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  1. The temporary nature of our world is both difficult to accept and liberating to realise – thanks for your thoughts!

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