Because it takes HUMILITY to GROW

Spark from afar

Sometimes, it is in this “yeah, I know that” moments that God is actually teaching us BIG time… but learning takes humility. No wonder sometimes kids learn faster. They have lesser understanding of what we call “pride”. And no wonder JESUS promotes childlike faith. They don’t need logic to fully believe. The best part is, when “pride” takes the upper hand is actually the time we need “humility” the most. Whilst pride plays around selfishness, humility talks about selflessness.Pride capitalizes on “what I think”; humility sees “what HE thinks”.

He leads the humble in doing right, teaching them HIS way.” Psalm 25:9, NLT

Sometimes, we redefine what humility is and only wear it when it doesn’t hurt us. Stubbornness blinds us. We indulge too much on what we know instead of what we should do.

Humility talks about radical surrender, unconditional obedience to God. It is not…

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