Daily Archives: August 1, 2015


Spark from afar

They say, it’s the WHY that will drive you to move forward. It’s the reason behind that gives you the will to take another step.

But what if you can’t find the reason? What if you don’t know the purpose why things happened? I bet many would fall…

Then I asked myself, “What keeps me then going when I don’t understand?”. I pondered on the question while examining my heart and I came up with this answer: it’s first knowing the main reason behind all the why’s. It’s like I aim to give my best at work because I want to be a good testimony or I give because I want to be a blessing to others… but behind all the WHY’s I could think of, I do things because I am loved by GOD and I love HIM. So if my work will be shaken or how the people…

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