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Odessa, July and August (a short story)

Spark from afar

July looking proud of her friend, Odessa, ‘’It was really fun time huh? Too many great things happened and I even witnessed a key milestone in your life.’’ Then she tapped her friend’s shoulder.Odessa replied with a big smile, ‘’Oh yea, amazing time with you indeed! It was like a breath-taking roller coaster ride.’’ Then laughed a bit and added, ‘’in a great way of course. I am happy.’’

‘’What else can say?’’ July responded. ‘’God’s grace and faithfulness is everywhere. He is in every story. God is great my friend. God is great.’’

Odessa took a deep sigh and looked around feeling God’s presence, “I couldn’t agree more July. I am in awe of His grace. His grace is abounding!”

While the two friends were thanking God for the challenging yet fantastic journey, a common friend across the street was waiving. Looking happy and ecstatic, she ran towards…

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