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There’s abundance in famine!

Spark from afar

Many times we feel “less favoured” when we have stayed so much at the side of receiving. For many times we have probably been wanting to flip the coin and experience the other side of it— the “giving” side. Or, we might have been wondering what’s with those people who can just give much? Are they “more favoured”? It may sound ironic, but actually in receiving, you will learn how to give, with the right heart of course. Where is this principle coming from?

My friend and I were counselling one dear friend a few years back. She saw herself as a “burden” because she thought that she has already received much and wanting to payback but unable to. We’ve cleared the air by telling her some of our well-known saga. We said that the ultimate reason why we can bless is actually because we have been so much blessed. AND, I believe…

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