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What are yesterdays compare to tomorrows?

Spark from afar

Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these days?” for it is not wise to ask that. (Ecc 7:10)

No matter how glorious our past had been, to be stuck in the former glory is impeding the greater glory of the future.

In my years of existence, I honestly couldn’t say yet that I have seen the fullness of my ultimate dream, still far from it, but I am confident to say that I have tasted my fair share of victories. I have seen glorious days… but as much as we don’t want to dwell in our past failures, it is the same thing with our past victories. Like they said, yesterday has ended last night.

“Why are the old days better than these days?” I think asking that question is like defeating the purpose of the old days. They cameto pass because GOD is good. They…

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