Daily Archives: November 23, 2015

Take it All

I see a change in the way my day goes. I see change in my attitude. I see change in the way I pray. And it’s all good. All that is true because I’ve been  doing the best I can to seek Your face. It is amazing how good habits can transform lives. I see now why time with You is so precious. When I go the distance to meet with You and meditate on You, I am in awe how much it feels like it’s all new again. Today is the start of a fresh beginning because You created it. This heart sings praises to Your name. You are majestic. You are phenomenal. You are the great King with an even greater heart. You are ready to create in me a new sense of wonder for the day ahead. I will embrace it with confidence to spread Your love. Have Your way with me as my self-control. I live in You as You take it all.

By His Grace, Sheela

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