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Thank You

It’s one thing to know I am alive. But to know Your presence, I am aware of the Holy Spirit living in me. You have not given up on me. No matter how much I have hated myself or despised this world, You don’t fail to remind me that You and I have a relationship. That commitment I made was the best decision You’ve ever revealed to me. That is probably the number one thing I am grateful for besides the countless blessings You’ve poured out on me. I am so small in this world, but Lord You prove to me through Your perfect love that my life matters so much to You. I am instantly humbled but confidently assured my life is in Your hands. I feel small yet great because You fill my heart with the richness of Your love. I gladly take it all, the joy, the peace, and the wisdom that comes flooding with Your love. It replaces my pride, fears, and sadness. What more could I want? To know You is to be filled with Your goodness. I am overwhelmed by Your grace. Grace came down to pursue my heart. When I discovered it was You, I fell madly and deeply in love. I realize You’ve never stopped chasing after my heart just to show me I am always in Your thoughts. You want my undying attention in all that I say and do so others can see You when I obey. My reward is You as You light my way. To know You is to seek Your face. Shine that light on me and I will reflect it back to You. These things would mean nothing if Your will never convicted me, but they matter to me because You’ve renewed my mind. You bring me back to the heart of worship, so with my utmost praise, I honor that Your will be done. I love You Lord. Amen.

By His Grace, Sheela


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