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True love waits? (a short story)

Spark from afar

It was a quiet Saturday evening. Lana went up to the rooftop and enjoyed the view of the starry night. She put on her headset and listened to her acoustic worship playlist on her phone.

Finally, I get to rest my mind after a very busy week”, she said to herself. While singing along with the song and stargazing, her phone rang. It was her friend Leera. Though she was enjoying the serenity, she decided to pick up the phone.

Hey Leera! It has been awhile! How’s the winter in Korea now?” Lana said in an excited voice but there was silence on the other end of the line.

Hey, are you ok?” Lana asked in a lower tone.

I honestly don’t know my friend.” Leera answered then took a deep sigh. “I just remembered that you are the wisest friend…

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