Daily Archives: January 24, 2016

Poverty’s End

Mother Teresa together we can do great things

I pray for an end to all poverty

Hope for the poor renewed hope to see

How can we say the economy our number one focus should be

while countless millions in the world live in poverty?

I know.

The solutions seem so few

The problem of poverty is great

It’s still not too late

if we commit to sitting down together both government and community

Use your beautiful mind

for solutions to poverty to find

Can we do any less for those losing hope?

For those who no longer can cope?

Can you look into the eyes of a starving child?

Say for you there’s nothing I can do?

No one should have to choose between having their medications or food

No one should have to choose between paying for their rent or food

No one should be sentenced to a life of joy-stealing poverty

Let’s all work together to show we care

Say by our actions, not merely with our words

that for others in need we’ll be there

If those who are able committed to lifting one person out of poverty

take time to think how much more beautiful this world would be

You would help millions new hope to see

From their poverty they would forever be set free

Karen Osborne B.A. Christian Clinical Counseling St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, graduate divinity student at Trinity College University of Toronto. D.Sc. in Psychology, St. James the Elder Theological Seminary. Kevin Osborne, B. Th. Canada Christian College & Graduate School. B.A., M.A. Christian Clinical Counseling, M.A-Th.D. Applied Theology student majoring in Psychology St. James University, D.D., D.Sc. Christian Clinical Counseling, Diplomate in Traumatology American Board of Traumatology Examiners of St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, Diplomate in Creative Ministry St. James the Elder Theological Seminary. Kevin Osborne is a member of The Word Guild, which is a Christian writer’s group. Please go tohttps://thewordguild.com for further information.