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Spark from afar

Maturity is getting out of your “personality” when the situation calls you so.
Maturity is not making your love language as an excuse to extend grace and love in other means.
Maturity is choosing to reach out to the person even when he/she has offended you.
Maturity is giving the person the benefit of the doubt without prejudging.
Maturity is willingness to listen.
Maturity is knowing when to say YES and when to pleasantly say NO.
Maturity is letting God’s peace take the upper hand and not your emotions.
Maturity is obeying God even when you don’t seem to understand.
Maturity is honoring the “authority” even when their vulnerabilities are exposed.
Maturity is loving anyway even if it’s not reciprocated.
Maturity is taming your tongue when the words that you will say will not build the person up.
At the same time, maturity is speaking up when God is asking…

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