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You Are the One

Lord, I come to You because I want to learn more about You. You are the Bread of Life. I want to eat Your words. You are the Water of Life. I want to drink up Your goodness. You are Life and this is Your heart. You are the One who sees everything in it. You are the One who cleans it pure and restores it, the One who shapes it, the One who pours love into it, who makes it beat, guards it, and protects it. You are the One who created it. Take this heart my Lord, I confess it’s all Yours. Help me go out into this world and portray the beauty of this heart You have molded. I want to show others how beautiful my heart is because You give so much just to reveal Yourself in it. I commit to Your will Father God. How I respect Your plans for me! I give in to Your will, Your purpose for my life, because You know what You are doing. I know I need Your help and God You know I also want it. I want Your help like I want Your peace. Your guidance is the best kind of wisdom I could ever have. I cannot part from Your grace because Your love abounds so perfectly. I love Your Truth.

By His Grace, Sheela

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