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I was scrolling my Facebook memories and I came across this one. It was exactly four years ago since I posted this in my timeline, which means today marks my 9th year in my current company. I have worked most of my years in Singapore for this company then one year in Shanghai and now in the Philippines. That day also reminded me the time I courageously stepped out from my comfort zone and pursued the calling God laid before me.

It was at the same hour 5 years ago and I still clearly remember how my heart was beating so fast as I was preparing for my first day of work in Singapore… My 5 years (and counting) of journey here has been filled with many stories worth sharing and in every victory, there’s always a saga behind. And I learned again and again that the glory of any victory is…

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About sparkfromafar

I love bringing joy to people. I am refreshed as I refresh them.

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