The Art of Waiting

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Instant noodles. Fast-food. Quick dry. Instant cooking. Fast charging. It’s something like, “anything please just don’t let me wait”.

We almost always want something quick. Waiting bores us. The agony is killing us… and I think waiting becomes the hardest when it involves our hearts. When is he/she coming back? Until when shall I wait for him/her? When will you make my dream come true?

It is arguably harder for women. Most of the times, they are the ones on the waiting side but of course, it depends on the situation… but here are my take as a woman.

1. It’s a work in progress.

I was once asked why I am still single. Oh, in fact, I get the question every now and then, haha. To my defense, I would almost always start it with, “just to be clear, it’s by choice”.  To be honest…

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  1. The traditional Quaker “silent” worship is more accurately described as a waiting worship. The hour of just stopping everything else, even just once a week, renews that sense of anticipation and gratitude and renewal that gives depth and wonder to our lives. But in all honesty, it’s not always easy settling in to something that simple, not when our lives themselves are often so chaotic.

  2. Thank you for this open, concise and reflective piece.

    There is the old adage that goes something like this. “Lord, give me patience, but please hurry up.” In our fast-paced culture waiting is something that is uncomfortable to many people. True self-examination can be difficult and humbling. Our Father calls to our heart there are parts of our character which needs working on.

    One church I attended had a Praise and Worship evening. The leader called us to a time of silent prayer. In less than a few minutes a church member had to say she could not deal with silence. She dared to be honest. The leader was so caring towards her. He opened up about his struggles with waiting on God. Some of the others did too, including me.

    As to your future spouse, if you wait and ask Him who it should be, I believe in His time He will tell you. But yes, there is that daily challenge of waiting.

    Karen would be piping in at this point and say emphatically, “Don’s settle. It’s so much better when you wait on God to choose your spouse for you.” I have the beautiful blessing of being married to Karen for nine years. I agree with her.

    I would add this last comment. “I love Christian marriage!”

    We will pray for you as you wait on God to see the amazing things He will do in your life.

    You are a beautiful person in the eyes of God and us.

    Blessings with Christ’s love poured out and running over.


    • woooow… i touched. thank you for that, this is truly appreciated… so true and waiting and praying carefuly is just short comparing to spending the rest of our life with someone… so yes I will wait. 🙂 i am blessed with your marriage. God bless you more sweet memories together! 🙂

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