Diet In A Snapchat


So I’ve gained a few pounds this winter that I’d like to shed just in time for spring so when summer comes I just have to maintain. Maybe my extra bit of blubber was a contributing factor to my winter blues. My small frame measures up to an exact 5 feet. My current driver’s license says I’m 100 in weight but that was 15 pounds ago. 95 would be perfect because then after I’ve had my fill of healthy fats, complex carbs, and mineralized water, there’s no way I should be over 100 pounds. Then, when I look at my ID, I don’t have to feel like I lied. Ok I’m too much. That would be perfect though. There was once a summer when I got my sugar intake to 5 grams a day by following Jorge Cruise’s basic rules of the Belly Fat Cure diet. I achieved deep sleep on most nights and woke up so much more refreshed and energized. That was when I lived with roommates. Christie was also 5 feet short and my cousin J was just as thin as we were but almost 6 feet tall. He and I were pescatarians at the time but my friend who was his cousin only lasted about 1 week. He said my diet was like a quantum physics equation because it goes something like this…..stop counting calories. It’s not about calories. It’s all about sugar. Just remember 15g of SUGAR and 6 servings of CARBOHYDRATES everyday. 6 servings = 120g total per day. 120/6 = 20g that’s why you eat 6x a day (3, meals, 3 snacks, every 2-3hrs). Subtract total grams of fiber from total carbs and whatever that number is is what counts as long as the total of your snack/meal per sitting all together is 20g max. It really isn’t that hard. Just as long as you’re eating 20 grams of carbohydrates per meal and 5 grams of sugar per meal without snacks or 3 grams per meal including snacks. So I’m not going back to this diet just yet, for the reason that I do not want to get obsessed over a diet. I want to ease into it starting with concocting fruit and vegetable smoothies. My dear old Jack Lalanne’s Juice Extractor has been kicked out of the kitchen. It’s now living in the garage since my aunt and I turned the house upside down. It’s all about Blendtec and Vitamix nowadays. More fiber, more nutrients, much better. But I love my 2014 Christmas White Elephant baby. His name is Nutri Ninja and it cleans easily. With everything else I’m going to consume, I’ll limit my sugar, but not count them. I realized I’m usually on my toes about my eating habits when I have an audience. Wowowow. Here I go social media. If you are also trying to get into better shape this year or would just like to lose some pounds, I would love to connect on Snapchat. We can encourage each other there. I have found that people who often send me pictures of their eating habits and progress have a bigger influence on me, especially if I have good relationships with them.  Reblogging posts on Tumblr with hashtags such as “fitspo” never worked for me. I doubt it works for anyone too. 😛 But Snapchat did. It worked for 2 weeks and then Christmas came. It went downhill from there. Well it’s still early in the year, and my birthday is coming up which reminds me I have to renew my ID pretty soon. Should I keep it at 100 or tell the truth? :/ Anyhow, who wants to start on a story telling journey and join it with me? You can find me @sheelaleigh. 🙂

By His Grace, Sheela


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  1. Sheila, it’s great to have you back with us. You have been so missed!

    I enjoy reading your pieces and this one. They are open, honest and refreshing.

    Karen and I are eating two yogurts for breakfast every morning. We find we are losing weight this way. The yogurts fill us up. This means we don’t require or desire as much food.

    I too drink smoothies filled with vitamins and minerals. I also have a product called moringa, which is chock full of vitamins, minerals and protein. It comes in almond vanilla, chocolate and original flavour.

    You will be in our thoughts and prayers with this diet regimen.

    Blessings with Christ’s love poured out and running over.


    • Hey Kevin 😀 It’s nice to be missed and it’s great to be back 🙂

      That’s great you and Karen are taking health seriously too.

      I just had a walk/jog with my dad this morning and I’m so proud of him. He is much more health conscious now than before. I prepared Him and I a toast and some tuna spread with yogurt, avocado, chopped celery, a bit of garlic salt.

      I’ve heard of moringa but I’ve never really looked into it. Thank you, I have something to add to my google list. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the prayers! 😀

      God bless you Kevin.

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