What does your name stands for?

Spark from afar

I was browsing the latest magazine of Bloomberg and was amazed when I saw the picture of a very large crowd gathered together to listen to Warren Buffet. The magazine said that there were more than 37,000 people flocked in Omaha, Nebraska, for Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s annual meeting to hear investing wisdom from Warren Buffet and they call it, “The Oracle Speaks”. ORACLE, wow! Just the name of “Warren Buffet” is already a big announcement – they don’t have to put some more accessories, people will surely come. His reputation precedes him!

What about our names? What do they stand for?

In Proverbs 22 verse 1, it says, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great wealth, good favor more than silver or gold.”

We know that we, believers, are God’s representatives (2 Cor 5:20) – we carry His name. Everywhere we go, we bring…

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I love bringing joy to people. I am refreshed as I refresh them.

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